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The QUEEN Of Mineral Waters


People who like a natural mineral water with a lot of calcium and magnesium with natural carbonation, should try Borsec, a mineral water that has probably won more international waters awards than most.

It has been used as a curative and served by Royal families in Europe as very fine water for centuries. It became the favorite table water of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph who awarded it the Gold Medal and the exclusive title of “Borsec - the Queen of Mineral Waters” in 1873. More awards followed including the recent Gold Medal and the title of the World’s Best Mineral Water at the prestigious Oscars of mineral waters – Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards, in the United States of America.


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Borsec Collection - Today

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Over the time, it became favorite table water as well not just for the royals but anyone who wanted to enjoy a pure balanced natural mineral water that is the source of well-being in body and sole. The naturally sparkling Borsec has a massive concentration of Calcium and robust levels of Magnesium and bicarbonate, coupled with a very high concentration of free and very stable natural carbonation with an excellent taste.


Health Benefits


It has been recommended for anemia, circulatory disease, diabetes, disease of the endocrine glands, nervous disease, renal disease, rickets, even for obesity as it has an important curative effect with regard to digestive system complains as well as those concerning the peripheral circulatory system.

The water is bottled without any previous treatment and is free from any contaminants using a state of art technology that does not allow any direct human contact with the water in its way from the deep treasured grounds to our table.


A brief note for a long history


Borsec springs are known as one of the oldest commercially exploited sources of premium natural mineral water in the world. Natural mineral water from Borsec (Transilvania) has been appreciated since the ancient Dacian times more than 2000 years ago. The Roman emporium discovered the springs after they conquered Dacia by the Emperor Trajan. Archaeological discoveries show that the springs have been known and used ever since.

Records from 1594 show that the water was transported by carts in wooden casks to the royal courts in Europe. At the beginning of the 18th century, the mineral water was bottled in sealed pitchers which were then put into sacks and transported on horseback. By the end of the 18th century, the curative powers of the mineral waters made Borsec famous, attracting those who needed to take the waters to cure their ailments. First huts were built, then chalets and then bathing establishments which made it possible for many patients to take residence in the small village cure the illnesses that they suffered from. Records from 1767 say that “Borsec is the place where desperate patients from the country and from abroad gather during the summer.”

In 1806 it began the industrial bottling of Borsec natural mineral water. In 1873 Emperor Franz Josef (one of the greatest and the longest-reigning emperor of Austria) awarded a Gold Medal to Borsec naturally sparkling mineral water and crowned it with the title the “Queen of Mineral Waters”.

In 2006, Borsec celebrated 200 years of industrial bottling.


About the spring


In the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, the small spa town of Borsec has been listed in the register of historical monuments. The reason is the very old source of its famous mineral-rich water, which made the sub-alpine town one of the most renown curative spas in Europe.


Save the Earth effort


Borsec uses a lightweight neck and short caps for PET bottles. A lighter preform together with the short cap reduces the PET consumption with 7.5% with a great positive impact on the environment. We do also encourage Borsec funs to dispose of your bottles responsible in the recycling bins provided at various locations in Singapore. Our effort it may be seen as a water drop in the ocean, but drop-by-drop would make the ocean. Every small positive effort counts towards protecting and preserving our environment!


Borsec Collection


Borsec comes in

(a) PET of 1.5L or 0.5L; and Glass of 1L; 0.75L or 0.25L (the naturally sparkling mineral water);


(b) in PET of 2L; 1.5L or 0.5L; and Glass of 0.75L or 0.25L (still mineral water). They are packed in bags of 6 or 12 bottles.


Where to Find Borsec


It is Romania’s number one natural mineral water and popular throughout Europe. It is also available in the Americas and Asia, such as China, Japan, Taiwan and recently in Singapore. 

Available in Singapore at selected restaurants & shops as well as FairPrice Finest.

Imported to Singapore by EAA Group Pte Ltd (Reg.201119222H), 50 Chin Swee Rd, 09-04, Singapore 169874


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