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Should I dilute my Whisky?

This article explains why you still might want to dilute your whisky with a bit of water.

Water is the substance that regulates all the vital functions of our body. It is the solvent that guarantees the transport of nutrients and waste products. Water also regulates the body temperature. Sweat that evaporates on the skin cools the overheated body.

Whisky is usually filled into casks for maturation at a high alcohol level. After several years, whisky’s alcohol content usually decreases since alcohol evaporates through the cask walls. At the same time the whisky takes up substances from the wood, which contributes to its flavour.

Each year the alcohol content of the whisky is reduced by a certain degree in the range of 0.75%. When your favorite whisky is bottled, it usually has between 50% and 60% abv left. At this strength the alcohol would still freeze our taste buds in the mouth, so we have to dilute the whisky.

Nowadays, premium and high-quality whiskies are more and more bottled at cask strength so we can choose the level of dilution by ourself. Start at low strength (strong dilution) and work yourself up when your palate has become accustomed to the taste.

Which kind of water should we use to dilute whisky?

Should we use 'healthy', 'rich' mineral water? Or should we use 'poor' or deionised water that tastes like nothing? Should we use soda water, as we are taught in numerous spy movies, or does the whisky become more interesting with sparkling water?

In order to reduce your whisky to drinking strength and still not distort the taste of the whisky, we would recommend that you should use Borsec non-carbonated mineral water, since our sparkling water could make the whisky a bit uneasy on the tongue and some people may find that sparkling would influence the taste negatively due to the solved carbon dioxide.

Of course, you can still have a glass of Borsec naturally carbonated natural mineral water by your side when you drink your whisky for a balanced intake of liquids to your body